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The Flourishing Introvert Show
Joanna Rawbone
Thursday, at 12:00 PM Pacific

With up to 50% of any population identifying as an introvert, we are hardly a minority and yet in our world biased towards extraversion, we often end up feeling not enough. Mid-career introverted women have a particularly tough time as the glass ceiling seems to be made of toughened glass to them. Where there's a will, there's a way though!

In this show you'll hear real, inspirational and pragmatic stories including how to 

  • overcome this bias for yourself and others 
  • prevent the slide from overwhelm to burnout
  • install and maintain your boundaries
  • own and play to your introvert strengths
  • step into your quiet power

Joanna will be joined by other flourishing introverts on a regular basis, so you will have plenty of role models to inspire you.  

More about Joanna Rawbone:

Joanna Rawbone MSc discovered she was an introvert in her 30s and yet for another couple of decades she still pretended to be something she wasn't in order to fit in & get on. A corporate trainer and facilitator since 1987, she finally got mad enough consistently seeing the quiet ones overlooked and undervalued. Thus started her mission; to shift the extraversion bias in business & education whilst enabling introverts to flourish authentically. 

Joanna has written many articles in respected publications and she delivered her TEDx on this subject in 2019. 

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