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The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!)
Charla Anderson
Wednesday, at 11:00 AM Pacific

What is your purpose?  What if you never have to search for your purpose… that it is found in the way you treat others?  It is WHO YOU ARE in each and every interaction you have, situation you handle, prayer you pray.  You are who YOU SAY you are!  Really.  The Charla Anderson Show will guide each of us with Joy, and thoughtful conversation, laughter, maybe some tears, with maybe more questions than answers… Discovery of what is deeply important for our humanity to return to kindness and compassion.  We will journey this path together each Wednesday at 1:00 pm Central time.  Join in the conversation.  We are gonna have some FUN!  

One big thing that I LOVE about this WinWin Women Platform is that there is no advertising!  Don't you?  AND, hosts are allowed and encouraged to have Sponsors.  Not the same!  Because I am not money motivated, at all, I will never, and I mean never, mention or support anything that I don't personally LOVE.  For now, my FAVES (with affiliate links) are: 

Message me with questions, comments, ideas, kind criticisms…. I am OPEN to receive, and LOVE to hear from you.

More about Charla Anderson:

Joy is my lifestyle. Infinite Love is my message. Mindset is my method. Mom. Nana. 34-year award-winning flight attendant, retired. Author. Speaker. Coach. Radio/TV host. Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. Engaging Podcast Guest. Outrageously Optimistic. Outrageously Courageous. Personal Development Junkie.  (I've earned every single one of these silver hairs and have a plethora of life experiences to share.  ‘Charla’ is a derivative of ‘chat’ in Spanish, and ‘Joy’ in Greek.  My parents were prophets and didn't know it, lol)  OH, and did I mention I am shamelessly happy to live in Fort Worth, Texas!  🤠


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