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Mama Soul Wisdom Talk
Loretta Wetzel
Sunday, at 5:00 PM Pacific

WHAT if you knew deep down inside there was a way to leverage your current resources and gain a competitive edge for yourself and your family? What if you want to start a business and take your game to the next level but you don't know how? I created this show for entrepreneurs and families to gain a competitive edge in life. I believe that everyone has an impossible dream, but too often, they are told that it's not realistic or practical. I want to change that narrative and show that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and the support of a community. That’s why I share everything I’ve learned through “OLD School Wisdom for a NEW Generation” so that YOU can live your biggest and best life!

More about Loretta Wetzel:

Loretta Wetzel/Mama Soul Wisdom is a prominent family entrepreneur expert passionate about helping families. She helps them to unlock their freedom through BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS using the tools of entrepreneurship. Her vision is to impact 500,000 families by exposing them to business ownership and building a lasting legacy for true success.