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Living with F.A.V.O.R
Lisa Mosbey
Tuesday, at 6:00 AM Pacific

I want to personally invite you to join the conversation.  Each week we will uncover the secrets to “Living with F.A.V.O.R. (faith, abundance, vitality, overflow, and rewarding relationships.  Oops…”I thought this was a show on business development using digital marketing"?  It is!  But we do it with balance.  On this journey, we hope you will gain the knowledge to unleash your confidence as a business owner, discover your unique niche, and uncover the life experience that makes you an expert.  Our desire is that you experience the joy and fulfillment you deserve in running a successful business, creating residual income, and providing for your family.  We work to reduce business owners' struggles with simple solutions.


Develop a steadfast why for what you do, do it with an abundant mindset, enjoy a state of vitality, as you overflow into your clients, and build rewarding relationships.  That's the F.A.V.O.R. way.  We come alongside you to advise, train, and provide the tools you need to get your digital marketing plan done.  Our simple 7 Step system is designed for the small business owner. 


  1. Attract your ideal leads
  2. Grow your email list
  3. Nurture leads and contacts with valuable offers
  4. Convert from free to fee
  5. Deliver more than you promise
  6. Make additional offers
  7. Ask for referrals, review, & repeat
More about Lisa Mosbey:

I have been a sales & marketing entrepreneur for over 25 years both in software/hardware technologies and in health & wellness.  I began in home sales then, transitioned into sales training; training tens of thousands of real estate professionals in digital marketing. I rose to National Marketing Director/shareholder/co-founder of a computer training company.   I was also the Co-Owner/Founder of an online day trading LLC.  


My family's wellness led me back to school and into a second career as an Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner. In chapter three, I combined my previous two careers.  I'm still offering weekly wellness workshops, promoting holistic living with my e-books, and favorite products.  In addition, I advise, train, and coach small business owners in using digital marketing for business development.


I'm skilled at keeping things simple.  My GENIUS is listening & finding simple solutions to grow a business.  My JOY is mentoring others to achieve their goals & dreams while creating a residual income.  It's an honor to hear others' stories, their hopes, dreams, successes, and failures.  I serve those who know their 𝗪𝗛𝗬 or are ready to discover it. 

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