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Live Love Move Your Body and Life
Teresa D'Angelo
Tuesday, at 2:00 PM Pacific

Live Love Move Your Body and Life is about YOU – living joyfully, loving passionately, and moving soulfully – no matter your age and physical ability.

Pain does not have to be the end of your story. By moving your body and living with awareness, emotions and thoughts can move, too. Gentle movement is a way to express yourself, tap into your own healing ability, and fill your body and life with more light and joy.

I know what it feels like to be in constant pain, depressed, and unable to move. I eventually discovered three things that helped me to slowly heal, and movement was, and still is my guiding star.

Join me each week in moving off the pain loop and into your life with compassion and joy.



More about Teresa D'Angelo:

Teresa believes that movement is everybody's birthright. She is a Somatic Dance-Movement Educator and founder of Live Love Move Healing Arts and has taught thousands of classes to people of all ages. Known for her authentic, light-hearted approach, she encourages people to relieve pain and find joy and freedom through movement and natural medicine.

Teresa’s personal journey with autoimmune illness led her to discover the neuroscience of mind-body movement. She is a #1 international Amazon author in the collaborative book, Soul Biz. She is a guest on wellness summits and podcasts and her story with pain is on and featured on the Balance Your Life TV Series on New Jersey News12+. She is a Nia® Second Degree Black Belt Instructor, Ageless Grace® Brain Health Fitness Trainer, and Certified Massage Therapist/Bodyworker with intensive training in Dance Movement Therapy. She offers an online course for women called, Relieve Chronic Pain: A journey of inspiration and healing.