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Intimate Relationships: What If Nobody's Wrong? Presented by Terri Crosby
Terri Crosby
Thursday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

This show will cover a wide spectrum of subjects regarding being in a relationship with another human being, and we'll do it with honesty, directness, a light heart, and a sense of humor. 

If you're looking for practical assistance, along with some relief, hope, and a good dose of inspiration, you've come to the right place.


More about Terri Crosby:

Terri Crosby is an author and speaker, and has also coached individuals and couples about relationships for the last 40 years. She helps people who love each other get along. 

In 2018, she published 100 Words: Small Servings of Whimsy and Wisdom, a book of poetry and photography, on subjects such as change, relationships, grief, creativity, and nature. 

In March of 2022, her second book arrived—How to Save Your Fourth Marriage: One Person Can Transform a Relationship.  It is often described as a 280 page slow cook recipe for love. Whether on your first relationship or your fourth, the book is for anyone seeking to improve or deepen an intimate relationship.