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Colorful Mee Coaching
Jilane Mee
Monday, at 9:00 AM Pacific

The purpose of the Colorful Mee Coaching Show is to lift and bring clarity and light to others.  You'll come away with powerful tools to step into your own light and feel joy in the journey! 

More about Jilane Mee:

Colorful Mee Coaching is a company that helps the Human family heal, thrive and flourish by offering life and health coaching. When applying these tools and programs, clients work to raise their current reality to meet true potential, refined talents, release stuck energy, cultivate vibrant energy and align the body, mind and spirit to achieve balance. The intention of Colorful Mee Coaching is to facilitate positive change in every life it touches.


Jilane Foster Mee, creator of Colorful Mee Coaching, is a Certified Vibrant Living Health & Wellness Coach, Motivational Public Speaker, Intuitive Health Coach, Energy/Emotional Release Facilitator, and Womens/Couples Retreat Specialist. She and her husband have four children and two grandchildren. She loves serving people by helping them find positive, joy, love and peace within themselves and encouraging them to share their gifts with all others within their circle of influence.



Provide outstanding, personalized service. Developing trust relationships with clients and students. Teaching others how to be their best selves from the inside out.



Integrity, honesty, health, strength, responsibility, and accountability



To empower individuals with the tools and knowledge to enhance their life experience, and to cultivate & nurture health and wellness.


Reach out by email, text or phone to or 801-643-1304.