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Mary Bjustrom
Friday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

Business Without Bosses shows women business owners how to increase employee engagement and performance. Businesses embracing autonomy of self-managed teams experience 1/3 the turnover and grow at 4x the rate of traditionally managed firms. This leads to more satisfied customers. Engaged team members love their jobs and perform at the highest levels. On this show, you will learn key insights that will help you retain the best talent and create outstanding results for your business.

Women are many more times likely than men to embrace the role of advisors or coaches than that of authority figures. This means they don’t merely want to tell people what, when, and how they must work. They want to see that employees have more satisfaction in their jobs. Women are more willing to empower teams and watch them grow and contribute. They have not been conditioned as men have to believe they must climb the corporate ladder. Women can side-step this by never building the ladder in the first place.

More about Mary Bjustrom:

Mary developed one of the first undergraduate computer science programs in the nation at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  As the second female manager at The Boeing Company, a Fortune 100 Company, to now having over four decades of experience, Mary has worked with teams to radically redesign everything from airplane design & manufacturing processes to urgent care clinic openings to recreation company finances. After being invited by the University of Wisconsin to create a course for its Corporate Training Program, Mary was inspired to create her consulting business which specializes in showing companies how to change top-down corporate management to providing a space where employees perform at their highest level and love their jobs.