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The Body Compass with Amanda Kae
Amanda Gillen
Thursday, at 7:00 AM Pacific

The Body Compass is a show about the four bodies and how we navigate through life, releasing and letting go of what is no longer serving us. This show will educate, inspire, empower, and connect women of all ages. Getting to know our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We will connect and create a place of safety, love, light, truth, trust, knowledge, and wisdom. A beautiful space where we can share, believe, and be in harmony with one self.

At a time where stagnant negative energy, trauma, trapped emotions, and low vibrations are strong, pulling us into the downward spiral. We need to know how to navigate, acknowledge and listen to our bodies so we can release the hidden emotions, the generational and gestational baggage, and those environmental toxic energies that are taking up space valuable real estate in our bodies. Leading us on a path of chaos and uncharted territories. Allowing us to embrace and feel the sunshine on our face, the sand between our toes and positivity that sparkles. 

We will focus on learning how to access our Body Compass to acknowledge, listen, and learn how to trust our inner voice or intuition. When pointing our Body Compass true north, our body is balanced in its entirety. Which then and only then can we live our best lives.

More about Amanda Gillen:

Hello Friends! 

I am your host Amanda Kae. My goal with The Body Compass is to help others live their best lives. This is my passion. My passion that quite literally set my soul on fire! I know that this is what I was meant for. I was meant to heal. To heal hearts, to heal bodies, to heal minds, and to heal souls. To teach others to unlock their self-love, to use essential oils in their daily lives to live their best life, and to use my hands to help heal a persons physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. I am a healer who is here to guide, mentor, love, and empower others to fill up their cups of life with health and wellness, confidence, and positive self-talk. Pixie Feet Wellness and Foot Zone Therapy is where you will find me.



Amanda Kae

Owner or Pixie Feet 

Foot Zone Instructor and Practictioner

Reiki Master

Neuro Linguistics Practitioner

Energy Connection Practitioner

The Body Compass 


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