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Ashly's Heart Song - Get out of the stress and back into your body, life, and business.
Ashly Torian
Monday, at 1:00 PM Pacific

Get out of the stress and back into your body, life, and business. When you tap into the song of your heart you master the stress and the mindset that steals your life. BE FREE by finding your way back to your heart and the health and vitality of your body will soar. 

More about Ashly Torian:

Ashly is the Vitality Coach. 

As founder and owner of Bio-Balance, Ashly began her Holistic Eating and Body Image coaching business in 1991, committed to encourage and inspire others to live a fulfilling & joy-filled life. Bio-Balance was born out of Ashly’s passion for fitness and healthy living seeded with her own personal challenges with anxiety, weight, and body image issues.

Ashly works with those who desire to set themselves FREE from the pain and struggle they experience with stress, eating behaviors, their physical body, and their life by addressing the SOUL; the mind, heart, and emotions through her 3-brain approach. 

Ashly holds a safe place for you to freely express and release what is blocking you from living a life of Vibrant Health and Vitality.

Ashly is a Texan, receiving her Bachelor  of Science  degree  in Adult Corporate Fitness from Abilene    Christian University, followed by training at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s leading school in Nutritional Psychology where she received her certification as an Eating Psychology & Mind/Body Nutrition Coach. She is also a certified practitioner in Emotional Resolution through the Emotional Health Institute. In addition, Ashly is a nationally recognized ACE certified personal fitness trainer; as well as a recognized IDEA Elite personal fitness trainer with several specialists’ programs to her credit, including Behavior Change, Mind/ Body Nutrition and Fitness/Sports Nutrition. 

As the author of E.N.D. the Diet Drama 3 Keys to Lose the Weight and Reclaim Your Life, Ashly’s message and speaking skills resonate with all ages and genders.

Ashly has a lifelong focus, education, and experience on understanding the psychology of eating, on human physiology, and the mind-body connection, and how our outlook on these factors can either damage or enhance our lives. 

Visit to discover resources, view the cheering section about Ashly, and see how investing in YOU can change your life. 

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Get out of the stress and back into your body, life, and business.
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