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Illuminate Your Dreams

It is vital to encourage women to build a bigger vision and plan for their future; one that produces a renewed energy, commitment and focus. I want women to do...

Avatar of Jeannine Rivers Colburn

Jeannine Rivers Colburn

Saturday, at 7:00 AM Pacific

Engage & Shine!

Do you have a message to share? Your voice…your passion…it's inside but you're feeling a little unclear on how to best share it with the world. Engage & Shine! is for you if you desire more confidence, charisma, and want to have a clear vision of YOUR VOICE and message when showing up, both on and off the camera. 

Avatar of Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan

Saturday, at 8:00 AM Pacific

Kreatrix Energy

"Kreatrix Energy" helps you remember who you really are. This path of self mastery guides you to unlearn, unlock and unleash for true embodiment of your life force energy.

Avatar of Kat Moulton

Kat Moulton

Saturday, at 9:00 AM Pacific


Find Joy and Energy, monthly mind-body-spirit topics with information on anxiety, pain management and life lessons learned

Avatar of Elian Haan

Elian Haan

Saturday, at 11:00 AM Pacific

Your Radiant Life After 45

I share with you, the woman of a certain age, 5 basic Skills: " 1.The Skill of Total Clarity of what you want in the second part of your life. 2.The Skill of Courage to break through your anxieties to get what you desire. 3.The Skill of Commitment to your highest self-potential. 4.The Skill of attracting the relationships that support you and bring you joy. 5.The Skill of discipline in your Body, Mind and Spirit through Meditation, Mind, and Body Fitness.

Avatar of Angelika Christie

Angelika Christie

Saturday, at 12:00 PM Pacific

The Mojo Hour Show

Have trouble taking ownership of your success? Can't seem to overcome self-doubt, imposter syndrome and thought patterns that undermine your ability to feel and act powerful, capable and audacious? Drop by weekly and discover the solutions you've been seeking combining insightful and effective advice, tools and anecdotes to help you alleviate fraud-fears, confusion and doubt. Join me in the first 30 minutes for the live taping and stay for the 2nd 30 minutes for unrecorded conversation and Q & A. CLICK THE IMAGE TO VIEW PAST EPISODES.

Pamela Sylvan

Saturday, at 1:00 PM Pacific

Yearn For Joy: From Hurting to Healing with Dr. Valerie McGaha

Yearn For Joy

Avatar of Dr. Valerie McGaha

Dr. Valerie McGaha

Saturday, at 2:00 PM Pacific


A friendly chat with moms to uplift and encourage and equip fellow moms with skills, hope, and joy in the journey.

Regan Barnes

Saturday, at 3:00 PM Pacific

Ah-ha Moments That Last

Imagine how dull life would be without those magical moments! You have been collecting Ah-Ha moments throughout your life. If you choose to you can meander down the Ah-Ha Moments lane, any time you’re feeling that you require a spark or a lift to your energy.

Avatar of Inez Bracy

Inez Bracy

Saturday, at 4:00 PM Pacific

The Power Zone. You've Got the Power!

Let's learn and teach together through storytelling on how to tap into the power of things and people to transform our lives, strengthen our mutual connections, and build better communities worldwide. Everything is energy - positive, negative, or neutral, everything is power. Identify what kind of energy and power you deal with at any given moment and get ready to SEIZE THE DAY!

Lisa E. Kirkwood

Saturday, at 6:00 PM Pacific

No Limits Living

Discover No Limits Living! Liz Bull gives you tips, tricks, information and inspiration for living your best life ever!

Liz Bull

Sunday, at 8:00 AM Pacific

Connect. Create. Inspire.

A trauma informed show that teaches skills, shares information and insights, and inspires people to walk a path of creativity, connection, and love.

Carrie Ishee

Sunday, at 9:00 AM Pacific

Operation Growth with Brandi Richard Thompson

Join Brandi Richard Thompson as she explores transformational growth with guests and perspectives from around the world.

Avatar of Brandi Richard Thompson

Brandi Richard Thompson

Sunday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

Walking Without Skin to Thrive and find Freedom and Peace after Pain

We encourage and empower women as they journey on the road to healing and freedom. Journeys of hope and recovery, sharing lessons and tips on finding Peace after Pain. Overcoming abuse, loss, changes, challenges, and adversities. Any trauma makes us feel dirty, unloved, unwanted, judged. We breathe through the skin, and after trauma, it is difficult to fully breathe in life. The skin holds us together and protects our delicate parts. The first thing we see when we look in a mirror is our outer covering, our skin. It reflects our self-image and acceptance. Let us walk vulnerably without skin.

Lois Wagner

Monday, at 7:00 AM Pacific

Habits, Health, and Happiness

Simplify the path to progress and learn how to have health, happiness, and success in every aspect of your life.

Suzi Barrett

Monday, at 8:00 AM Pacific

Money Secrets

Money Secrets that many people do not know

Sally Gimon

Monday, at 9:00 AM Pacific

Producing, Publishing, Promoting Non-fiction Books with Lori Raupe

Explore the possibility of having your book as a business or in your business. Lori Raupe, #1 International best-selling author and publisher. Already have a book? Learn more about using your book to gain credibility, visibility, and AUTHOR-ity, with your life stories. Lori will share her tips, tricks, tools, and strategies to get your book done and into the marketplace fast and working for you. Learn about what you can do to get your book done, published, and promoted. A book can open doors to more speaking opportunities, make an impact in the lives you want to impact most, and create income for you.

Lori Raupe

Monday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

Be Seen Be Loved TV with Christie Love

This show is a mix of influential speaker interviews, and public speaking trainings and tactics that can be used to increase your communication skills so you can be seen as a confident speaker in front of any group.

Christie Love

Monday, at 11:00 AM Pacific

Wealthy And Wise

Your money success is like a combination lock…start to unlock it by discovering the missing links from your wealth building activities so you can live the abundant, purpose driven lifestyle you’ve always wanted and deserve.

Avatar of Patricia Allen, CRPC®

Patricia Allen, CRPC®

Monday, at 12:00 PM Pacific

The Get Your Juicy Back Show: Next Level Wellness for Women 50+

Welcome to this upbeat, edgy conversation with Ayurvedic Practitioner Susan Joyce Proctor! For holistically-oriented post-menopausal women seeking to maintain natural health and beauty, this wellness approach is all about a lifestyle of healthy pleasures. Join Susan for tips ranging from hormone balance and optimizing metabolism; to cooking and healing with herbs; to self-care for restful sleep, enhanced immunity, rejuvenation; and much more!

Avatar of Susan Joyce Proctor

Susan Joyce Proctor

Monday, at 1:00 PM Pacific

Unleash Your Audacious Confidence

Get ready to unleash the unshakeable belief in yourself that is so brave that you step into what's possible despite your feelings fears or failures and be Audaciously Confident.

Avatar of Alicia Couri

Alicia Couri

Monday, at 2:00 PM Pacific

Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters with Denise Millet is a weekly show for women who want to use online marketing to engage with their audience and grow their business.

Avatar of Denise Millet

Denise Millet

Monday, at 3:00 PM Pacific

LIVING A GRACEFUL LIFE. It's never too late to begin...

Living A Graceful Life is about making conscious choices for your body, mind, emotions and spirit to empower you to live the life you want to live, regardless of your age. It's also about realizing it is never too late to begin…

Denise Medved

Monday, at 4:00 PM Pacific

Candid Conversations with DocV

Real talk - Candid Conversations with DocV, THE Pivot Maestro, on navigating career-life transition

Avatar of DocV, Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

DocV, Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

Monday, at 5:00 PM Pacific

Treasures & Blessings with Tina Boson

Faith and Inspiration TV: A motivational channel that promotes faith based foundational principles and tools that provides substantial support towards achieving your desired goals.

Avatar of Tina Boson, MBA MA NACC

Tina Boson, MBA MA NACC

Monday, at 6:00 PM Pacific

The Making of a Fatherless Daughter TV Show w/ Angela Carr Patterson

Please join Global Life and Success Strategist, Angela Carr Patterson, for weekly episodes of The Making of a Fatherless Daughter TV Show. Each week, Angela will elevate the awareness of the negative impact that fatherlessness has on a female's life, while providing valuable tools, resources, and information to help you redefine who you are and rewrite a new narrative for your life.

Avatar of Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson

Tuesday, at 8:00 AM Pacific

The Divorce Do's & Don'ts Show

Divorce is Difficult, but it Doesn't Have to be Devastating. Join Us Here for Live Help and Hope.

Avatar of Lisa C.  Decker, CDFA®, RCS-D®

Lisa C. Decker, CDFA®, RCS-D®

Tuesday, at 9:00 AM Pacific

Dr. Helen speaks... Strengths, Resilience & Leadership

Strengths + Resilience + Leadership = SUCCESS for your Life!

Avatar of Dr. Helen Holton, PCC, CPCC, CPEC, IDI® QA, SHRM-CP, CPA, MBA


Tuesday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

The Mother/Daughter Relationship Show - How Your Behavior Affects Her Behavior

There are two types of behavior reinforments, positive and negative.  Today's episode focuses on  whether you are trying to increase or decrease a particular behavior for yourself or the other...

Dr. Janice Fortman

Tuesday, at 11:00 AM Pacific

Fishing4Truth - Where Christian Influencers Become More Than Conquerors

Hear authentic personal stories of Christian Leaders! Learn Professional tips and tricks to overcome self-doubt, and speak professionally. Tired of feeling like less than a conqueror? Join us and let's become MORE!

Avatar of Pastor Elaine, MA

Pastor Elaine, MA

Tuesday, at 12:00 PM Pacific

What’s The Take Away?

Denise Schwendeman and Carrie Donegan have a combined 73 years of experience in more than 59 fields. They love their work, they love their lives, and they love helping others. Yet, unbeknownst to both of them, "the 1 Take Away" has been the secret to their success, including overcoming severe illness and achieving multiple six-figure incomes. With gratitude to God and a passion for providing women 40 + with ways to simplify their busy lives with "the 1 Take Away", they have launched a multiplatform, international program accessible to those who are ready…

Denise & Carrie

Tuesday, at 1:00 PM Pacific

the it's all good... show

This show is about you! We will learn techniques to increase our happiness and serenity in our life. Our life is full of surprises, some good and some not so good. We need to have a tool kit to help us navigate through these adventures. I will bring us these tools, weeks after weeks, with a panoply of guests et topics to support us in any situation. We will be able to see that whatever happens in our life, it’s all good…

Avatar of Denise Belisle

Denise Belisle

Tuesday, at 2:00 PM Pacific

What Does the Sweet Life Mean to You?

Empowering the possibilities so that you can create the time of your life and have more of it!

Ly Smith

Tuesday, at 3:00 PM Pacific

The Spiritual Healing Wisdom of The Chakra's

Rewired T.V. provides a modern day Spiritualist's point of view. Not only for healing addiction, personal growth and transformation but, to evoke full human potential.

Laura Schwalm

Tuesday, at 4:00 PM Pacific

Healing Through Divorce

Divorce is never an easy decision to make.  How we choose to heal through these difficult times can impact our lives going forward. Join Dr. Natasha Williams where she will use...

Avatar of Dr. Natasha Williams

Dr. Natasha Williams

Tuesday, at 5:00 PM Pacific

The Bliss Factory

Just because there was an additional candle on your birthday cake does not mean that you should welcome the ideas, aches and pains of aging. If you are ready for a paradigm shift that will bring a new focus to your mind, body and spirit then The Bliss Factory is the perfect stop for you! Join Jana each week as she leads you through fun episodes that focus on the Bliss Factors of movement, mindset and motivation. Get ready to move your body, workout your mind and up your frequency so that in 30 days from now you are living a blissful life thanks to the simple shifts you learned from The Bliss Factory!

Jana Danielson

Tuesday, at 6:00 PM Pacific

Navigating Grief with Heart and Humour

Let's talk about Grief BEFORE it arrives!

Avatar of Yvonne Heath

Yvonne Heath

Wednesday, at 7:00 AM Pacific

ReachMillions.TV with Tracy Repchuk

You will learn skills to brand, price, promote, streamline, automate and scale so you can go from startup to stand out to soaring success while you reach millions with your message.

Avatar of Tracy Repchuk

Tracy Repchuk

Wednesday, at 8:00 AM Pacific

Ageless Living

Keys to Joyful Empowerment, Wellness, Beauty and Longevity

Avatar of Sedena Cappannelli

Sedena Cappannelli

Wednesday, at 9:00 AM Pacific

Inner Work for Greater Good

Learn how to clear your struggles, focus your strengths, and accelerate your power to change the world.

Avatar of Emily Eldredge

Emily Eldredge

Wednesday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

What's Your Spark?

Unlock and boldly apply your unique spark in business and leadership

Avatar of Regina Huber

Regina Huber

Wednesday, at 11:00 AM Pacific

Inner Power QuEST (Quantum Evolution & Soul Transformation)

Learn how to heal and transform on the quantum level from the limiting attitudes, beliefs and old patterns forged from a painful past so that you can liberate your innermost potential for health, happiness, and harmony.

Avatar of Shawna J Pelton

Shawna J Pelton

Wednesday, at 12:00 PM Pacific

Sopheia Speaks Wisdom

Self-Mastery is a step-by-step process that will help you master your thoughts, feelings, and actions with the sole purpose of supporting people to become their best selves. You can finally take control of your life and create a happier life that you love! Imagine what it would feel like if you could live every day feeling happy, fulfilled, excited about waking up in the morning, and living each moment as if it were your last. What would happen if, instead of worrying about things outside our control, we focused on how we could use our time to make ourselves better people? How much more fulfilling would our lives be then? Join me on each episode and learn how to live every day feeling happy, fulfilled, and successful!

Avatar of Sopheia McMorris

Sopheia McMorris

Wednesday, at 1:00 PM Pacific


AUTHENTICIZE will inspire you to Recognize, Harmonize and Optimize your Authenticity.Whether you seek to connect with your authentic self, communicate more effectively with your authentic voice or generally live an...

Avatar of Norma Hollis

Norma Hollis

Wednesday, at 2:00 PM Pacific

Healing Your Families

This show is about strengthening families through effective parenting, improved communication, and healthy relationships.

Avatar of Emmalou Penrod

Emmalou Penrod

Wednesday, at 3:00 PM Pacific

Do you Procrastinate?

We will look at some tips around Time Management, that each of us can use every day from using a diary well, to To Do Lists, and so much more. We are all given the same number of hours every day. However, procrastination is something we all struggle with to a lesser or greater extent.

Jean Barr

Wednesday, at 4:00 PM Pacific

Creating a Connected Community

Monette will talk about creating a connected community. A community is a place for inclusion; a place where people bond over a common interest, passion, or purpose. It’s a place...

Monette Toverada

Wednesday, at 5:00 PM Pacific

Dr. Melissa Medicine Woman

Dr. Melissa Medicine Woman, Is it time to ditch the pills? Is a show that provides helpful information about health, medications, vitamins, supplements, health conditions and health tips. Dr. Melissa...

Avatar of Dr. Melissa Balizan

Dr. Melissa Balizan

Wednesday, at 6:00 PM Pacific

Choose Happiness - Choose YOU with Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

In this show we will dive into the adventure of what choosing to be happy mean and how you can achieve YOUR happiness. This is a show in which I want to answer and respond to YOUR questions and needs, come and engage!

Avatar of Natalie Forest

Natalie Forest

Thursday, at 5:00 AM Pacific

Joyful Business TV

Did you start your business because you love what you do? Want to fall back in love with your business and experience that freedom, fun, creative expression and passion? When you watch Joyful Business TV you'll get inspired and learn tons of creative ideas for marketing your business, packaging your expertise into programs and products and how to keep your passion and joy alive!

Laura West

Thursday, at 6:00 AM Pacific

Dr Annika's Calm Country

In life you have a lot to care for. Family, children, money, work on different levels, friends and network, hobbies and more. But who takes care of YOU, dear friend?...

Avatar of Annika Sörensen

Annika Sörensen

Thursday, at 7:00 AM Pacific

Vibrant Living with Stacy Harmer

This show will focus on tools to nourish your body, heart, mind, and soul, discover your purpose and passion, and share your gifts and talents with the world!

Avatar of Stacy Harmer

Stacy Harmer

Thursday, at 8:00 AM Pacific

Age Gracefully with Face Yoga

Discover how to respect your body by practicing a unique and natural technique for a younger, firmer and radiant face. Learn all kinds of healthy tips to enjoy your new chapter in life. Beautiful connection between the mind and body. Look and feel your best at any age!

Marie Kabis

Thursday, at 9:00 AM Pacific

The Natural Healthy Lifestyle

The Natural Healthy Lifestyle Show, where you will learn about healthy choices using natural solutions. Choices become habits; and habits become a lifestyle. You will feel better and be more confident as you live the lifestyle you create naturally.

Avatar of Rhonda Peterson

Rhonda Peterson

Thursday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

Healing The Child Within

Learn how to create a more abundant life when you stop allowing unresolved childhood experiences to disempower you!

Avatar of Nancy Mueller

Nancy Mueller

Thursday, at 11:00 AM Pacific

Unlocking The People Puzzle

In this show we'll explore simple ways to understand people - why they behave the way they do and how they are motivated. You'll learn several concepts that will allow...

Avatar of Dale Choquette

Dale Choquette

Thursday, at 1:00 PM Pacific

The Video Collective with Tracy Phillips

The quickest and most powerful way to establish your expertise, build a big audience and get paid what you deserve from amazing clients you actually like. It's video…let's go!

Avatar of Tracy Philips

Tracy Philips

Thursday, at 2:00 PM Pacific


You can be daring, dazzling, and divine at every age. All basic bellydance movements and steps broken down with fun combos so you really feel like you’re dancing. Then dance your butt off - shimmy and shake to the exotic drum rhythms. Come dance with me!

Avatar of Sherry Brier

Sherry Brier

Thursday, at 4:00 PM Pacific

Love Brand You

Faith and inspiration for women to succeed in all areas of their life.

Avatar of Sam Rafoss

Sam Rafoss

Thursday, at 5:00 PM Pacific

Straight Talk With Nina

This is a day and the life of a entreprenuer, the good the bad and the ugly

Nina Venturella

Thursday, at 6:00 PM Pacific

Grand Life Mastery With Ajanta

Overcome Stress & Create Blissful Personal and Professional Life

Ajanta Nikam

Friday, at 7:00 AM Pacific

Books, Yarns, & Tails - One Woman's Legacy With Animals

Exploring written wisdom, inspired stories and a love of animals and nature through varies modalities.

Avatar of Lesley Nase

Lesley Nase

Friday, at 8:00 AM Pacific

On Your Own Terms

Learn to change the world on your own terms

Patti Talbot

Friday, at 9:00 AM Pacific

The NEW Health Show

Natural, Energetic and Wholistic solutions for a NEW world.

Avatar of Ani Anderson

Ani Anderson

Friday, at 10:00 AM Pacific

Your Inside Power

Discover the magnificent power you have inside of you that often goes untapped. During this program we will explore the ways that you can work with the Laws of the Universe to accomplish the desires you have in life.

Patty Stepler

Friday, at 11:00 AM Pacific


We unveil the missing factors of HAPPINESS and JOYOUS LIVING

Avatar of Zsa Zsa Tudos

Zsa Zsa Tudos

Friday, at 12:00 PM Pacific


Turn your genius gifts into a PROSPEROUS life and livelihood of PURPOSE, through Heart Leadership and lived Legacy!  Up-level your business, career, self to experience full breadth success!

Avatar of Jewel Veitch

Jewel Veitch

Friday, at 1:00 PM Pacific

Know Brainerz Empowering Possibilities

What do you get when you combine a twist of science, a dash of behavioral psychology and a healthy dose of creativity? You get a recipe for Empowering Your Possibilities.

Rozanne Marsh

Friday, at 2:00 PM Pacific

The Dancing Negotiator with Dr. Cheryl Okoli, DHA

Have you ever been involved in a conflict situation or a situation that requires negotiation in the workplace? The answer is probably a resounding “yes.” Did you know that resolving conflict and that the negotiation process is like a dance? Come join me for my interactive weekly hour show to learn the what, how, why, when of conflict, its various forms of resolution, mnemonics, and much more.

Cheryl Okoli

Friday, at 4:00 PM Pacific

From Broken to Whole

How do you heal after divorce? Join Mary Jo to learn how to free yourself from grief, discover who you really are, and reclaim your joy so you can move forward with confidence, clear vision, and power to rebuild your life.

Mary Jo Rennert

Friday, at 5:00 PM Pacific

El Amor es la respuesta

Compartiré métodos y técnicas para reducir el dolor emocional e incrementar aceptación y amor por ti misma, logrando con esto un balance físico, mental, espiritual y emocional. Descubrirás que el verdadero amor y felicidad están dentro de nosotros, también aprenderás que las situaciones difíciles tienen un propósito y que siempre servirán para moldearte y hacer de ti tu mejor versión. Acompañame y disfrutemos juntas una conversación entre amigas.

Marina Valdespino

Friday, at 6:00 PM Pacific